Planning a different Christmas this year? Every country and city has its own culinary traditions with which to celebrate Christmas. Of all the Premium Traveller destinations, we’ve found three that have something truly different to offer.

  1. Düsseldorf: In Germany Christmas begins on the 6th of December, when boys and girls open their first set of presents, consisting of delicious sweets with Christmas decorations. Some of the most typical are “Pfeffernüsse” –biscuits made of spices and covered with powdered sugar—and “Früchtebrot”, a cake made with dry fruit and honey that is perfect for Christmas morning.
  2. Naples: for families in the south of Italy, dinner on Christmas Eve is known as the “Feast of Seven Fishes”. It is a relaxed, drawn-out meal in which families partake of seafood dishes such as cod, eels, lobster, stuffed sole, grouper, pasta with clam sauce and broccoli. All washed down with good local wine, naturally.
  3. Stockholm: a Swedish Christmas comprises 101 dishes. It consists of an enormous buffet that is eaten following a strict order. It begins with herring and continues with cold meats, patés and sausages. Those are followed by hot dishes, the most typical being Swedish meatballs, and the meal ends with cheeses and sweets. A genuine feast for the whole family.

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