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In this section we usually showcase a city and its main points of interest, but this summer we couldn’t stick to just one, so we’ve decided to broaden our horizons. If you travel to any of these destinations feel free to share your experiences with #premiumtraveller.

These are our TOP 3 #premiumtraveller recommendations:

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Lisbon: is one of Europe’s great cultural centres and the oldest city in the European Union, after Athens. It has been an epicentre of discoveries, a meeting place of different cultures and even the capital of an empire, beginning in the fifteenth century. You can’t really leave Lisbon without having visited the many monuments that are off the beaten path. Some of our exclusive recommendations include the Mirador de Arco da Rua Augusta, a city vantage point inaugurated some 18 months ago. Another is the eighteenth-century Palace of the Marquis of Pombal, which just opened its doors to the public a year ago: the delicate tilework, sculptures and stuccos in the palace’s rooms are a sight to behold. Then there’s Fado music in the Barrio Alto, where we recommend visiting the Marquis of Sé Fado house, a century-old establishment where you can sample the exquisite local cuisine while listening to excellent Fado singers.

Malaga: after the Moorish conquest Malaga flourished, and it has been described in several songs as a bombonera or box of sweets due to its exceptional setting, nestled in the hills.
If you’re looking for a glamorous destination, Puerto Banús has a reputation for having the most luxury shops per square metre in Spain. Another way of approaching Malaga is by navigating along its coast, and its elegant, fun August or Malaga Fair, a festive event that commemorates Malaga’s incorporation into the Crown of Castile by Spain’s Catholic Monarchs, Isabel of Castile and Ferdinand of Aragon, attracts many international visitors and is well worth attending.

Bologna: this is one of Italy’s best preserved, historical cities and boasts the second largest mediaeval city centre in Europe after Venice. You can feast your eyes on Etruscan statues or Egyptian mummies, the paintings of Giorgio Morandi or Guido Reni, contemporary art or a collection of mediaeval swords. August heralds the city’s most important festivity -- Ferragosto — which features dozens of activities, and if you’d like to visit the coast, it only takes an hour or so to reach Ravena or Ferrara where the countryside is particularly beautiful and you can enjoy some genuinely Italian meals while indulging in some rest and relaxation along its 23 kms of fine beaches.