The first months of the year are a good time to predict and examine the trends that will change the way we do things. Premium Traveller has looked at some of these trends and we’d like to share them with business travellers. These are our TOP 3:

1. B-leisure

According to a Mastercard survey, two of every three business travellers take some time off to enjoy the city they are visiting. Visit our news blog for Premium Traveller’s top recommendations and tips for enjoying European capitals when you’re on a tight schedule.

2. Pre-booking of services

What used to be the norm –booking just your flight and your hotel— is changing rapidly. Nowadays it’s easy to book an ever-increasing range of services online to help us make more efficient use of our time; these include booking a workspace or purchasing a pass to a VIP lounge in which to relax and have a bite or a drink.

3. Smartphone use

Even so, business trips are still subject to setbacks. Fifty percent of travellers usually or always resort to their mobile devices to adapt to unexpected circumstances. Visit our website to book all your Premium Traveller services online and gain instant access to a VIP lounge or a meeting room.

Premium Traveller is always there to make your business trips flow more smoothly and comfortably.