Prejudice sometimes lends itself to bad choices on choosing a destination. Geneva is a case in point. At first glance it may just seem to be a city full of officials pertaining to international agencies and bank employees who go from their homes to their offices and vice versa. Nothing could be further from the truth. This Swiss city is full of curiosities that are well worth a getaway trip with Premium Traveller.

These are our TOP 3:

1. The longest bench in the world

Switzerland is a country known mostly for its banks but did you know it holds a Guinness record for the longest wooden bench in the world? Apart from always being able to find a seat there, it’s a wonderful place stop and admire the magnificent views of Geneva’s city park.

2. The Enchanted Forest of Devens

In the heart of a business-oriented city like Geneva is a landscape worthy of Alice in Wonderland. It’s the stuff that dreams are made of for photography buffs.

3. Broken Chair

Right opposite the Palace of Nations —the UN headquarters in Geneva—in the middle of the city’s financial district, is a giant sculpture of a three-legged chair symbolising opposition to land mines and cluster bombs.

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